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Wednesday, July 17, 2024
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We started the Pumpout Service in 2017 in collaboration with the marina Gouvia so we could keep the water clean from effluents and also to comply with the EU rules. We have been in the charter business since 1993 and most of the times we had to move the boat out of the marina and far away to empty the holding tanks. Now there is no need for it.

Initially started with the mobile unit but later found that the floating pontoons needed the service too and introduced the floating one with a 400 lt tank on a tender so the boats did not have to move from their mooring to empty their tank.

At the same time there was a need for pumping bilge water and added a trailer with a tank for the removal. We now have different tanks and pumps for Bilge water , oil and dirty diesel.

We also offer pumping out & storing clean diesel for maintenance of the diesel tanks.

Our latest service is Fuel Polishing or fuel filtering. With the latest rule of the EU that diesel must contain a small percentage of Bio-dieselĀ  the need for filtering is essential as bio-diesel collects moisture faster then pure diesel and thus bacteria and algae is collected faster.