Pump out services based in Gouvia Marina Corfu.

Effluents * Bilge water * Dirty Oil * Dirty or Clean Diesel

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About Pumpout Services

The mobile Pumpout service started in 2016 as the need for pumping out the eflouents from the boats became too serious for boats in the Gouvia marina.
The floating unit was added in 2017 to be able to service the boats on the floating pontoons where the mobile unit could not reach. This helped the boats by not having to come to the land quay.

We are the official Pump out operators in Gouvia Marina. In addition to the eflouents we are pumping out 

  • Bilge water
  • Contaminated diesel from tanks
  • Other liquids spilled in the bilge
  • Used oil from large ships (We provide certificate for the pumping out)
  • Diesel polishing (diesel filtering)

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Marina Gouvia
Pier B 20
Tel.No: +30 6936647465
Tel.No: +30 6936647468
Email: info@pumpout.gr

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Working hours:
Summer period: 08:00 to 18:00
Winter period : Call us
We are always available for emergencies

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We offer the following services to the boating industry


We pump out boats holding tanks with our mobile truck or floating boat.

Diesel pump out

We pump out clean or dirty diesel.

Bilge water

Pump out bilge water from boats.


pump out oil from bilges or from oil tanks.

Diesel filtering

We filter and clean diesel tanks without removing the diesel with our special filtering unit.